5 of the Best Wine Clubs to Consider Joining

When we first started thinking about joining wine clubs, our thoughts immediately turned to those horrible wine of the month club infomercials we saw on TV growing up. The thought of joining a program where we relied on a nameless person to pick bottles for us was, well, unsettling to say the least.

Thankfully, wine subscriptions have come a long way over the years with the launching of many themed wine clubs, sommelier-led clubs (ones who put their name on the product!), and even wine subscriptions becoming available direct from your favorite winery.

As we've been using these services to help build our wine cellar (and find new grapes for our quest to try every grape varietal in the world), we thought we'd put together a list of some of the best wine subscriptions that you may want to consider!

Disclaimers: Wine club rules vary from state-to-state, country-to-country. As such, you must confirm if you can receive wine shipments to your locality before joining any program. Likewise, if any promotion codes are offered within this article, note that some states prohibit discounting of alcohol as well. If any offer codes are no longer valid, please contact us so we can update accordingly as offers change regularly- sometimes without us being aware of it.

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Quinta do Ferro Avesso 2020 Review – Vinho Verde Gem

We first discovered the Portuguese white grape, Avesso, as part of a wine club we were receiving bottles from. This grape, typically grown in Vinho Verde, really delighted us with a nice complexity of flavor while still having many of the characteristics we love in a refreshing Vinho Verde.

So when we got a chance to try a bottle from Quinta do Ferro, we were really excited to see if it held up to our expectations.

Thankfully, it did!

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Tenuta di Collalbrigo Prosecco Superiore DOCG NV – Sippable Bubbles

As far as bubbles are concerned, I've never really been that fond of Prosecco.  The cheaper bottles I've had access to have been rather simple, and more often than not are used as a base for mimosas more than anything.

So when I saw Tenuta di Collalbrigo Prosecco DOCG in the store, I knew I had to pick it up to help study for my WSET D4 sparkling wine exam.

If any bottle can help convert me to Prosecco, it has to be one from a DOCG region, right? As it turns out, it did!

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Boundary Breaks #356 Dry Bubbly 2019 Review – Bubbles and Petrol

Whenever we visit Boundary Breaks, one of our favorite Finger Lakes wineries, we always love to see what new bottle of Riesling they have available.

In a recent trip, we stumbled upon their #356 Dry Bubbly bottle which was made via CO2 injection of an otherwise still wine (so not via the Champagne method like we're used to drinking).

It was a hit for us, we bought a bottle to enjoy at home, and popped it open for this review!

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How Long Does Wine Last After Opening? A Lot Depends on You

We'll be completely honest that how long a bottle of wine lasts after opening depends on a number of factors. There is simply no one-size-fits-all approach for how your bottle of wine will taste over time once the cork is removed, and this requires a robust discussion to even start covering all the categories.

We can cross off a very important one in that, for us, a still bottle of wine generally lasts about two hours. We've done exhaustive research over many years and can say with absolute certainty that an open bottle of wine in our house does not last more than a few hours.

Sometimes it is as quickly as one hour, sometimes as much as five or six hours, but generally speaking, a bottle disappears within two hours simply because we drink it and never have leftovers.

But all joking aside, we have to admit that is more or less a non-answer. Really, the question we want to address in this one is how long does wine stay fresh after opening, as this topic is far more interesting.

First up, let's touch base on what causes wine to go bad to begin with. As chemical engineers, you know we find this topic fascinating!

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Dolce 2012 Review – A Sweet Late Harvest California Wine

Before I started to learn about wine, I was always enamored by the concept of dessert wine. Emphasis should be made on the word concept, if only because I could rarely afford to try any of the expensive bottles.

Dolce was one such dessert wine whose marketing spoke to me as a casual wine shopper. An epic name, liquid gold color, and dessert wine flavors? I wanted it.

So when I found a bottle on sale in a local liquor store, I had to pick it up to try right away.

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5 Easy Steps on How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

When it comes to learning how to taste wine, there are an untold number of approaches out there.

You can go to the extreme and research the bottle/wine region in great detail to know what the wine is supposed to be like (all before even opening a bottle). You can follow one of a nearly infinite number of structured tasting approaches taught around the world. Or you can simply wing it and just dive right in without rhyme or reason.

The good news is there really is no wrong way to taste wine insofar as you actually drink what is in the glass in front of you.

But for those who want to really stop and appreciate what is in their glass, some of the structured wine tasting techniques are perhaps the most fascinating. So in this one, we wanted to talk about these wine tasting techniques in greater detail!

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Kristinus Oliver 1930 2018 Review – A Unique Hungarian Wine

Whenever we want to seek out a new grape for our quest here at The Grape Pursuit, we always find no shortage of options coming out of Eastern Europe.

The Hungarian white wine grape, Irsai Oliver, is one such grape we found in the reasonably priced Kristinus Oliver 1930 sold in a local store. Naturally, we had to pick it up and gave this new grape a try.

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How to Prepare for WSET Diploma D6 Research Paper

If there was any module in WSET Diploma that I was not terribly worried about, it was D6- the research paper.

The reason for this is mostly due to my background. As a chemical engineer, I have crafted many scientific-oriented research papers over the years. Going further, as a full-time blogger, writing 3,000 words is all in a day's work (some days multiple times over). To put it bluntly, I like to write, and my D6 paper felt like my time to shine based on these skillsets.

So while I generally felt like this module was the most approachable (anything beats a 60 or 90-minute exam where you have to answer obscure questions under pressure), I also recognize that I am in a fortunate position to make such a statement outright.

Unfortunately, in this one, I cannot tell you how to write a research paper. I cannot tell you where to find sources for your specific topic out of respect for the program. The conventional study logic that I like to share in other WSET Diploma modules really doesn't apply here since you aren't actually studying as you would for an exam. As such, we're going to look at D6 a little differently with information on how to find paper topics to begin with and common reasons why students lose points on what should be an otherwise easy pass.

Note: I was enrolled in the July 2022 WSET D6 paper topic. Paper structure and topics can and do change. I am waiting on my results.

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Casa Madero Gran Reserva Shiraz 2017 Review – Intense Mexican Red

When we traveled to Mexico City in early 2022, we were not terribly excited at the wine options we had at the bars.

But before we left, we went to a high-end wine shop and found some of the highest rated bottles we could find and bought them to enjoy at home later on. Casa Madero's Gran Reserva Shiraz 2017 was one such bottle, and while we think this one could still use a few more years, it was a lovely bottle to pair with a roast all the same.

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