WSET Diploma D2 Review – The Business of Wine

Within the six-module WSET Diploma course, four are similar to what you've learned in the past, just more robust- wine production, wines of the world, fortified wines, and sparkling wines.

Two modules, on the other hand, are new. One of these is only new in format- a 3,000-word research paper (D6) which could be on topics covered in the above categories. The final one is completely new in terms of topic, and all about Wine Business (D2). It is the second module you must take, as students have to enroll in D1 and D2 before being able to access D3-D6.

So, what can you expect when taking this module? Read on!

Note: I took the WSET Diploma D2 exam in March 2022. Test material and structure can and does change over time. I passed D2 with merit.

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How to Prepare for the WSET Diploma D2 Exam

When it comes to the WSET Diploma module D2, entitled Wine Business, you may look at this course in one of two ways.

The first thought is that it is a business course and can't be too bad. The second is that this one is completely new to WSET and could be a challenge simply because you haven't seen any of the material before.

As I used to work in sales and run my own business, I honestly felt like the course was going to be in the former category. As it turns out, it was most certainly the latter. WSET Diploma D2 is a rough one as the exam really can be all over the place!

In this one, I wanted to walk through what to expect with the WSET D2 exam and give some tips on how to prepare!

Note: I took the WSET Diploma D2 exam in March 2022. Test material and structure can and does change over time. I passed D2 with merit.

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Serge Dagueneau et Filles Pouilly-Fume Les Pentes 2019 Review

When it comes to French Sauvignon Blanc, if you know a bit about regions your mind may first go to Sancerre in the Loire Valley. While this region does make stellar bottles, we often find the prices in the USA to be just a bit more than what we'd prefer for the respective bottles.

Thankfully, Pouilly-Fume nearby also makes some stellar Sauvignon Blanc at, in our limited sampling at least, slightly better quality when comparing two similarly priced bottles. The only downside? They can be quite hard to find in the USA- so whenever we see a bottle we snatch it up right away. Domaine Serge Dagueneau et Filles Pouilly-Fume was no different, and we really could use another bottle of this one in our cellar!

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Armenia Wine Co Dry White NV – A Simple Kangun

We've been lucky enough to sample some wines from Armenia Wine Co. as finding Armenian wine in the USA is often difficult outside of this brand. Their non-vintage white comes from the Kangun grape and offered a somewhat simple flavor profile with some slight aged notes on the finish.

This one will truly go with many dishes, but we ended up wanting just a bit more.

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Amavi Syrah 2018 Review – A Jammy Syrah from Washington

When we visited many wineries in Seattle, we quickly realized how great the wine regions are for Syrah. As Syrah happens to be one of our favorite grapes, we truly were in heaven and brought back many bottles to enjoy over the subsequent months and years.

One such bottle was from Amavi Cellars, and their 2018 Syrah was a bit unique in that it had some interesting jammy fruit characteristics!

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Eskibaglar Winery Okuzgozu Reserve 2014 Review – Turkish Wine

Whenever we head to a wine shop, we always check out the “Other Countries” section to try and find new grapes and regions to try in addition to their more famous counterparts.

On one recent trip to a Fine Wine & Good Spirits Premium Collection store in Pittsburgh, we found a few bottles from Eskibaglar Winery in Turkey. One in particular, their Okuzgozu Reserve, had some pretty great reviews and a nice price point for an almost eight-year-old wine. A new grape from a new country? We were in.

While this one could've likely aged for another decade or longer, it lasted about a month in our house. It was so good we want to rush out and buy another bottle to leave in our cellar.

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Wines of Illyria Blatina 2015 Review – Simple Red from Herzegovina

In our never-ending quest to try all the grape varietals in the world, we've been enjoying several bottles from the Wines of Illyria brand as they feature an array of new-to-us grapes from the Balkans at a relatively reasonable price point.

Blatina is one such grape we got to try from this brand, and while we thought this particular bottle was somewhat simple it went quite nicely with stuffed cabbage rolls!

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Domaine des Quatre Routes Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie 2020 Review

Whenever we have oysters, our thoughts go to Muscadet Sevret et Maine sur lie as the pairing.

There is something about this particular grape that works so well with oysters as the lees aging offers a richness to what would otherwise be a simple wine. Beyond that, we historically have noted a decent salinity in this style of wine that offsets the brininess of oysters quite nicely.

So naturally, when we had oysters delivered to our house, it was time to open a Domaine des Quatre Routes Muscadet Sevre et Maine Sur Lie!

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Castel Mimi Rosu de Bulboaca 2015 Review – A Moldovan Red Blend

When exploring one of our favorite local liquor stores by Angie's parents' house, we often head to the “other wines/international” section to find bottles from countries that aren't well represented in the US.

When this particular store started stocking Moldovan wines, we had to grab a few bottles purely for the fact that we never had wine from this country to begin with.

We quickly opened our Castel Mimi Rosu de Bulboaca shortly after buying it, and quickly realized that this one was made in the classic Bordeaux style as a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. While I admit I never actually looked at the grapes until after buying this one (and maybe would've second-guessed it as I am not a huge Bordeaux fan), this bottle ended up being quite enjoyable all the same.

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Rotie Cellars Southern Red 2019 Review – A Rhone Blend in Washington

It only took a while after arriving in Washington that we realize this state produces some pretty incredible grapes. Not only that, but Washington wineries tend to produce similar to two renowned Old World styles- namely Bordeaux and Rhone blends.

As we are fans of all things Rhone wine (less so Bordeaux, if we are being honest), we were drawn to sampling as much Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre as we could in Washington.

So when we were visiting Latta Vineyards outside of Seattle (after trying a bottle of their amazing Grenache), we found ourselves heading next door to Rotie Cellars immediately thereafter. As the name comes from one of the best wine regions in the Rhone (making arguably some of the finest Syrah in the world), we knew we had to give them a try.

As it turns out, their Southern Rhone Blend was a winner!

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