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Jeremy and Angie from The Grape Pursuit

Hi! We are Angie and Jeremy, two engineers-turned-travel writers based in Pittsburgh, PA. We love to enjoy the world's libations scene and have started a budding love affair with wine that gets stronger and stronger with every glass. We believe that the best glass of wine is often the one right in front of you and think that great glasses of wine come can from any grape in any style.

As we started our dive into the world of wine, we found ourselves seeking out new varietals with every purchase. We wondered what does Assyrtiko, GrĂ¼ner Veltliner, or Gros Manseng taste like? Where do they come from and why are they different? Is wine really as nuanced and complex as it seems in the documentary Somm? How much does picking the right wine matter when pairing with food? Can anyone become an expert in wine or do you need a special nose or tongue in order to do so?

With every glass of wine we tried, we had more questions than we had answers. So we decided to give ourselves a goal of trying it all and hoping we could figure out the answers to some of these questions in the process. As such, The Grape Pursuit was born.

Want to learn a bit more about us? Read on!


Jeremy from The Grape Pursuit
Jeremy considers himself an equal opportunity drinker and can enjoy a nice glass of wine, craft beer, or cocktail on any occasion. He was awared WSET Level 2 with Distinction in 2020 and is starting WSET Level 3 in January 2021. Jeremy loves any white grape grown in a warmer environment that expresses tropical notes.

He has a passion for diving deep on topics he loves and started his first blog, Living the Dream, in 2008 to share travel stories and advice from his adventures in over 70 countries from around the world. When he is not on a trip abroad, he can be found exploring his home of Pittsburgh, PA, with Angie for their local blog, Discover the Burgh or sharing blogging advice in his weekly newsletter series, This Week in Blogging.

Jeremy is a full-time blogger and a member of the North American Travel Journalists Association (NATJA) and the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW).


Angie from The Grape Pursuit
While Angie can hold her own drinking all things with Jeremy, she also appreciates the finer things in life including rye whiskey neat, barrel-aged stouts, and pairing a delicious wine with a home-cooked meal (she is a scratch cook that ferments her own kimchi, makes sourdough, roasts her own coffe, and more). She was awarded WSET Level 2 with Distinction in 2020. Angie has never met a wine that is too acidic for her.

She can be found on Living the Dream sharing the best food and restaurants found around the world as well as reviewing all of the restaurants in Pittsburgh on Discover the Burgh. When she is not traveling, exploring locally, or drinking with Jeremy, Angie works a day job in engineering.

Together, Angie and Jeremy have a passion for exploring the world, enjoying great food, and drinking the finest libations around. As they go on The Grape Pursuit, they intend to share all of this on the quest to try every grape varietal in the world!

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