The Grape Pursuit’s Wine Map – Every Bottle We’ve Tasted by Location

Published by Jeremy.

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Our goal at The Grape Pursuit is to try every wine varietal in the world. At over 1,300 grapes, this is a lofty goal that will span several decades.

Not only are we doing this to try and understand different flavors expressed by unique varietals, but we are also doing it as a way to learn more about terroir. This is often an X-factor when it comes to great wine as the soil, climate, and seasonal variations in a specific farm can really have a huge impact on the wine when it hits your glass.

We've seen remarkable differences with horizontal tastings of the same grape, from the same producer, of the same vintage, with the only difference being the location of the grapevine and we find that aspect of wine simply fascinating. To better understand this (both for ourselves and for a visual way to explore the wines we've tried), we're plotting every wine we've sampled geographically in one easy to navigate map!

We recommend using this map as a means to explore wines featured on our site based on growing region. If you would like to explore wines based on grape varietal, check out our wine checklist page instead.

Explore The Grape Pursuit Wine Map

The following map outlines all the grape varietals we've tried to date by vineyard location. Most will be marked by the vineyard's tasting room address; however, in the event that the grape is grown within a different sub-region or if the tasting room is not in the growing region at all we'll approximate the pin's location as close to its place of origin as possible. In addition, the map below also features pins for all of the vineyards we've personally visited.

While it is our goal to publish an article for every specific wine we try on this quest, our map also features pins for wines and vineyards we have logged prior to founding this site. We are not publishing articles on these as we may not have great tasting notes / photos to share, but are featuring the pins for completion's sake. Links here will go directly to the vineyard's website instead.

The above map is available here, on our homepage, and after every article on our site As we grow, we intend to break out country-specific maps in their respective categories, but for now we are providing a global view where you can zoom in on your specific interests.

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