Schenk L’Alpage Chasselas 2021 Review – A Crisp Swiss White

We do not see wines from Switzerland available all too often, and for the varietal Chasselas, we were intruiged.

Would the cool climates of the region produce a high acid, simple wine? Is there a microclimate we do not know about that would cause the wine to ripen more than we expect? We had no clue, truly.

While this wine was admittedly somewhat straightforward, it had a nice minerality and phenolic texture that made this one an easy drinker all around.

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Louis-Antoine Luyt Gordo Blanco NV Review – An Unusual Wine

If you are in the mood for an unusual wine that is fermented naturally and unfiltered, the Louis-Antoine Luyt Gordo Blanco from Chile is for you.

First off, this wine is a blend of Muscat of Alexandria, Torrontes, Semillon, and Chasselas- a pretty unique combination we've seen come out of South America. Second, the natural fermentation, skin on, and no filtering make for a very intriguing offering all around.

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