Zorah Voski 2018 Review – A Complex White From Armenia

Published by Jeremy.

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As our quest here at The Grape Pursuit is to try every grape varietal in the world, whenever we find a bottle with a new-to-us grape, we pick it up immediately.

This was the case of Zorah Voski from Armenia with an equal blend of two new grapes to us- Voskeat and Garandmak.

After opening this bottle, we appreciated just how complex the blend was, with aromas and flavors that reminded us a lot like a Champagne (minus bubbles). This one was a real treat we hope to try again in the future!

Voskeat and Garandmak Blend is a Treat

Zorah Voski 2018

This Armenian white blend was medium gold in color with medium aromas of pear, yellow apple, wet stone, almond, toast, golden raisin, honey, beeswax, white blossom, and cream.

On the palate, it was dry with medium(+) acidity and body, medium alcohol and flavor intensity, plus a long finish. We had notes of yellow apple, pear, honey, almond, golden raisin, cream, and a slight waxy texture on the finish as well.

Angie noted that this bottle of wine drank a lot like a Champagne, but still instead of sparkling, and after hearing that it is hard to get over the parallels with the lees, creaminess, and slight age of this wine- it really did! The only comment I'd add to that is that the fruit flavor was just a bit riper than most Champagnes, but otherwise, it was very on point and made us like the wine even more after making that association.

Armenian White Food Pairing – Bean Soup

Zorah Voski Food Pairing - Bean Soup

We paired this white wine with homemade bean soup as we thought the bright flavors would work nicely with the soup's richness. As this one drank a lot like Champagne, you can imagine that it went quite well and brought out more toast, cream, nectarine, and citrus notes in the wine while masking some of the more delicate raisin and waxy characteristics noted.

Score: 4 / 5

We'd buy another bottle.

We have to admit, we were quite surprised by how much we liked this white blend from Armenia. Voskehat and Garandmak grapes made for a delightful blend here, and we'd happily pick up another bottle and would even consider cellaring it for a few more years to see how it develops, too. At almost six years old, this one still had a lot of life in it!

Zorah Wines is located in Rind, Armenia. We purchased this wine locally and enjoyed it in 2024.

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