Chateau Musar Blanc 1997 Review – A Stellar Old White

We often cite Chateau Musar as one of those wineries that got us into wine in the first place. We first tried them at Wine Bar George at Disney Springs (the '98 red) and had a revelatory moment about what wine truly could be like.

Ever since, we've been on the hunt for Chateau Musar bottles, and particularly old Chateau Musar bottles to enjoy at home.

So when we found a cache of old bottles at the Party Source in Newport, Kentucky, we knew we had to pick up a few, and one bottle was a Chateau Musar Blanc dating back to 1997.

A 26-year-old white wine, made with rare grapes from Lebanon (Obaideh and Merwah- likely ancestors of Chardonnay and Semillon), stored at a facility we know and trust? You know we had to open that one right away.

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