Smallfry Tangerine Dream 2021 Review – A Flavorful Orange

We always have a soft spot to try orange wines as they typically offer a unique flavor profile that is a bit unlike anything else you can find. Throw in the fact that they can often be made of grapes (or blends of grapes) that are a bit more unusual to see and in some cases even fermented naturally, there really is a lot to love.

Smallfry's Tangerine Dream is one such bottle as it is a skin contacted white wine from the Barossa Valley of Australia made with Semillon, Pedro Ximenez, Riesling, Rousillon, and Muscat and offered some delightful flavors.

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Domaine de l’Envo Bulles de Muscat 2019 Review – Delightful Pet Nat

Sometimes we open pet nat (p├ętillant naturel) wines with a bit of hesitation. As these bottles are unfiltered and finish their fermentation in the bottle, we often don't know what we're going to get. Lots of lees flavor? Maybe. Bubbles? Most likely. Funkiness? It happens especially if they are naturally fermented too.

As it turns out, Domaine de l'Envo's Bulles de Muscat from Alsace, France, hit just the right notes for all the categories. Strong flavors that were nuanced by the pet nat production style.

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