Cendre Mourvedre and Petite Syrah 2016 Review – A Tasty Red Blend

Published by Jeremy.

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Cendre is a 50/50 blend of Mourvedre and Petite Syrah coming out of Paso Robles, California that we received within an order from Plonk Wine Club.

This wine had solid acidity with approachable tannins, and a well-rounded balance of dark fruit and herb flavors making it an easy sipper to pair with one of our favorites- pizza!

Dark Fruit, Herbs, and a Nice Acidity

Cendre Mourvedre and Petite Syrah Blend

This blend of Mourvedre and Petite Syrah was medium+ purple in color and had a medium aroma of black plum, black currant, cooking herbs, and red cherry- a delightful combination if there ever was one.

On the palate, this wine was dry with medium+ acidity, medium tannins, and medium flavor intensity with notes of blackberry, vanilla, black cherry, and herbs. It was not terribly complex, but the balance of fruit, herbs, and vanilla and medium tannin made this one an easy sipper all the same.

Mourvedre Food Pairing – Pizza

Homemade Pizza goes great with Mourvedre

We paired this one with a favorite of ours- homemade pizza! We made two pizzas here one with pepperoni and hot honey and another with mozzarella and basil- classic combinations all around.

As this wine wasn't overly strong on tannins and had a decent acidity, it held up quite well to the tomato sauce on the pizza. We like to believe we got just a bit more of dark fruit out of this one because of this, but we also have to admit that the differences were rather minor. All things being equal, the overall composition of the wine just worked with pizza.

Score: 4 / 5

We'd buy another bottle of this one.

Overall, the blend of Mourvedre and Petite Syrah worked in this bottle and wasn't overly intense in acidity or tannin. The balance of flavors between dark fruits and herbs worked out well for this one and made for a great pairing with pizza. We'd buy another!

Cendre Wines is located in Paso Robles, CA. We received this wine with a Plonk Wine Club order and enjoyed it in 2020.

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