Standing Stone Saperavi Rose 2019 Review – Crisp and Refreshing

The Gerogian grape Saperavi is quickly becoming a favorite of producers in the Finger Lakes. One of the first plantings of this grape came at Standing Stone vineyard and they have been excelling at this particular varietal for a while now.

One variant the winery offers is a rose made from this grape, and with a crisp acidity and strong red fruit flavors, we have to say it was a pretty delicious rose!

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McGregor Saperavi 2018 Review – Georgian in the Finger Lakes

Saperavi is a Georgian grape that has made its way to the USA where it is being grown (quite successfully) in the Finger Lakes.

We were quite fortunate to try this one at many Finger Lakes vineyards during our last visit, and bought several bottles both to enjoy now and to age. McGregor Vineyard's Saperavi was one such bottle, and we couldn't wait long to crack open this one- although we probably should have waited.

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