Famille Bougrier Rose d’Anjou 2021 Review – Easy Drinking

Famille Bougrier's Rose d'Anjou was an interesting one to us as the primary grapes in the bottle were a blend of Gamay and Grolleau- two grapes we are not accustomed to see in rose wine compared to widely grown counterparts.

Although the flavors in this bottle were somewhat simple all around, we are interested in trying more roses with this kind of makeup!

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Domaine Curtet Autrement Rouge 2018 Review – Gamay Blend

We're never ones to say no to an easy drinking Gamay, and when we can find this grape in a blend we almost always have to give it a try.

Domaine Curtet's Autrement Rouge gave us just that with a mix of Gamay, Pinot Noir, and Mondeuse Noir giving all of the hallmarks of a classic Beaujolais but originating from Savoie!

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Bloomer Creek Vin d’Ete 2018 Review – Complex and Bretty

Bloomer Creek is one of our favorite Finger Lakes wineries and part of the reason for this, beyond their wine simply being delicious, is that they do production techniques and blends that you don't normally expect to find in the region.

The Vin d'Ete 2018 was on the more traditional side of things and is 95% Merlot and 5% Gamay. This one produced a wonderful aroma and flavor profile but also came packed with a hit of Brettanomyces that was just a bit much for us.

Still, we're glad we tried this wine all the same.

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Ayres Vineyard Gamay 2018 Review – Darker Fruit with Undertones

When we think of Gamay, our minds instantly head to Beaujolais in France. For many, many years our experience with this varietal was from wines that solely came from this region, and it wasn't until we got our hands on a bottle from Ayres Vineyard that we tried from the new world.

Yes- Ayres Vineyard Gamay does not come from France, and is instead from Oregon!

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Vins Contes Poivre et Sel 2019 Review – Berries and Caramel

The Vins Contes Poivre et Sel hails from the Loire Valley of France and features a grape varietal that was completely new to us when we received the bottle- Pineau d'Aunis (90%, rounded out with Gamay). This one ended up being fairly low tannins, low ABV, and offered a nice berry blend flavor overall.

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