Trimbach Cuvee Frederic Emile 2011 Review – A Fine Riesling

Our first Trimbach Riesling was a Grand Cru sampled at Wine Bar George at Disney Springs in 2019. It was truly one of the finest Rieslings we've ever had and helped cement our love affair with all things Alsace.

A little while later, we found another Trimbach bottle in our local liquor store- the Trimbach Cuvee Frederic Emile 2011. While this one came with a fairly sufficient sticker price ($70 in 2020), we reflected on how much we enjoyed our earlier Trimbach, threw caution to the wind, and picked it up all the same.

Then we decided to crack it open on a Monday night just because we can.

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Maloof Wines Riesling 2019 Review – Acidic and Tropical

We always love getting interesting wines in wine clubs, and the Maloof Wines Riesling from Oregon was one such wine if only because we're not quite sure if we've ever had a Riesling from the Pacific Northwest.

We popped the bottle, took one sniff, and realized this one was interesting.

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Boundary Breaks #110 Grand Riesling 2016 Review – A Perfect Riesling

We've been fans of Boundary Breaks since the tasting room was in the owner's kitchen (2015). In its early days, this Finger Lakes winery focused exclusively on single clonal Rieslings and was, pardon the pun, breaking boundaries when it came to this famous varietal.

Since then the winery has expanded immensely with a gorgeous tasting room, bringing on many non-Riesling varietals, and more. While we enjoy these quality wines, it is their Reisling that have us returning time and time again. In this one we broke open one of our bottles of the Grand Reserve Riesling #110- the best bottle we've had yet.

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