Louis-Antoine Luyt Pipeno Carrizal Review – An Easy Drinker

Published by Jeremy.

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If you've read enough wine reviews on this site, you may hear us regularly talk about one of our favorite restaurants and natural wine shops in Pittsburgh- Apteka.

There are many reasons why we love this one, but on the wine side it is because they really help us procure some lesser-known grape varieties that are often out there.

One of the first bottles we bought from them was Louis-Antoine Luyt Gordo Blanco NV which smelled of camphor and eucalyptus and tasted like a lemon-lime beverage. Naturally, they carried more from this producer and we returned to pick up the Pipeno Carrizal (100% Pais grape in a 1L bottle) on a later visit.

100% Pais, Very Fruity, and a Liter of Wine

Louis-Antoine Luyt Pipeno Carrizal

This Pais was medium purple in color but had some hints of ruby in it as well. The nose had medium intensity with notes of chocolate, sage, cranberry, raspberry, and blueberry syrup (that came out more over time).

The wine was dry with high acidity, low tannin, medium alcohol and body, and medium+ intensity of flavor. It was strong in fruit with blueberry and raspberry being the ones that jumped out at us the quickest. From there we detected a subtle herbiness with pepper on the finish (which was quite long).

Pais Food Pairing – Vegan Burgers

Vegan Burger from Apteka

As we often do when we buy wine from Apteka, we place a food order to go along with it- this time vegan burgers for their Crapteka special menu (made with beet, mushroom, and buckwheat). We asked which bottle from our selection they'd pair with this meal, and they picked this one without hesitation.

Not only did the high acidity and low tannin mesh well with the umami forward burger, the pepper finish on the wine really played nicely with the intensely flavored food.

Would it have worked with some of their other, more traditionally Eastern European flavored dishes? Maybe not. But a rich vegan burger? Definitely.

Score: 4 / 5

We'd buy another bottle of this one.

We really enjoyed this bottle of Pais from Louis-Antoine Luyt. It had an interesting aroma to it and a relatively straight-forward fruity flavor profile with some undertones that came out nicely with our meal. Throw in the fact that it was 1L instead of the conventional 750 mL, and, well, we'll take that as a bonus!

Louis-Antoine Luyt is located in the Maule Valley of Chile. We purchased this bottle from a local supplier and enjoyed it in 2021 but were unsure of the vintage. Other wines from this producer are available on Wine.com (including others from the Pipeno series) but we did not see this bottle specifically.

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