Louis-Antoine Luyt Pipeno Carrizal Review – An Easy Drinker

If you've read enough wine reviews on this site, you may hear us regularly talk about one of our favorite restaurants and natural wine shops in Pittsburgh- Apteka.

There are many reasons why we love this one, but on the wine side it is because they really help us procure some lesser-known grape varieties that are often out there.

One of the first bottles we bought from them was Louis-Antoine Luyt Gordo Blanco NV which smelled of camphor and eucalyptus and tasted like a lemon-lime beverage. Naturally, they carried more from this producer and we returned to pick up the Pipeno Carrizal (100% Pais grape in a 1L bottle) on a later visit.

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Jutta Ambrositsch Rakete 2019 Review – Crisp and Fruity

Rakete from Jutta Ambrositsch has an interesting backstory. First, the grapes are grown inside the city limits of Vienna (we've walked near some vineyards here before- it is very surreal). Second, it is a natural wine. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is that this particular bottle is a field blend!

Whereas being a field blend on its own is maybe not as exciting, the grapes that go into Rakete (Zweigelt, St. Laurent, Blauburger, Merlot, and “some white grapes”) are all grown side by side in just five rows.

Grapes that are grown, picked, and fermented, quite literally, together? Sign us up.

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Salcheto Obvius 2017 Review – A Fairly Reduced Wine

Salcheto Winery takes an interesting approach to their Sangiovese. The bottle of Obvius is made naturally with (as we understand it, at least) indigenous yeasts, no sulfites, and was not aged in barrels. As such, it was meant to be enjoyed with a bit of reduction going on as well.

But for us, the reduction notes were too intense for our liking.

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How to Open a Champagne Bottle – A Detailed Walkthrough

When it comes to opening a bottle of wine, there are many unique corkscrews and techniques you can use to access your prized liquid. When it comes to opening sparkling wines (like Champagne or Cava), your options are much more limited.

The reason for this is because to open a bottle of Champagne, or any sparkling wine with a mushroom-shaped cap and wire cage covering, you often have to go manual by using your hands (although we've now seen some less effervescent bottles with screw-tops- this is still quite rare).

It may seem straight forward, but the technique you use matters a lot here. If you don't hold the cork properly, it could go shooting off into the distance- possibly hurting someone or breaking an item nearby. If you haven't chilled your sparkling well enough or agitate the bottle too much, the pressurized CO2 may release from the wine too quickly and result in a fountain of wine. This could also happen when pouring, too!

In this one, we want to help you get better with your technique in opening a bottle of sparkling wine because as we said, technique matters!

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Keuka Lake Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc Young Block 2019 Review

Keuka Lake Vineyard is a great spot to hang out for a while, sample some easy-drinking wines, and take in the beauty that is the Finger Lakes.

In fact, when we visited this one in 2020 we had such a great time talking with the owner (who we found out was also from Pittsburgh) that we got another reminder of an aspect of wine that we often do not discuss a lot on this site- the people behind it. Hearing stories of growing up in Pittsburgh, working in Nepal, and more reminded us of how much we love this part of wine tasting.

Naturally, we left with several bottles, and Keuka Lake Vineyard's Sauvignon Blanc Young Block was one such wine. It didn't take long after returning home for us to open this easy-drinking white!

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